Chizy Amadi in 10 seconds

When and why did you start cooking?

I started cooking properly in 2008 after leaving boarding school in Nigeria when I had to cook for myself at university. I started with Nigerian staples and eventually got comfortable enough to experiment by altering some recipes, especially when specific ingredients were not available. For the most part it worked but sometimes not so well because some ingredients are just not replaceable!


Food From Home x Chizy Amadi presents Moi Moi

Why did you choose to cook these seven dishes?

I chose the dishes to display some typical Nigerian staples at different meal times. I wanted to show off some highly nutritional meals like Okra soup and fufu. I think one of the reasons people shy away from African cuisine is accessibility, but with Food From Home, you can order African, Caribbean and South-American ingredients are accessible at the click of a button and have them delivered to your door, hassle free. My videos show how easy these meals can be to make.

Sounds like you really enjoy what you do

Absolutely! For the longest time I have enjoyed cooking but it took on a new meaning when I had to cook for my young family. Preparing nutritious meals that are also very tasty, is one of the best things I do, I think.

Do you have a favourite dish?

It really is hard to choose one favourite dish, but one meal I can have whatever my mood or
whatever the season would have to be Nigerian pepper soup.

I am new to African cooking. Can you tell me;

1. What meal can I cook with Yam?

With Yam there are several things you can do. You could fry, roast or boil it. Boiling till
its soft and enjoying with palm oil or any sauce of choice will be the simplest way to enjoy it.

2. What can I use gari for?

With Gari we tend to have primarily with a soup. So prepare the gari by mixing well in some boiled water. Gari can also be eaten as a cereal with cold water, peanuts and milk.

OK. Is it Nigerian or Ghanaian Jollof for you?

I mean, it has to be Naija jollof!

Where can I find Chizy?

Follow Chizy on Instagram @chizyamadi on Instagram and on Chizy cooks on YouTube.


Food From Home x Chizy Cooks presents Palm Nut Soup (Ofe akwu / Banga soup)


Food From Home x Chizy Cooks presents Fried Yam and Egg Stew


Food From Home x Chizy Cooks presents Yam & Pepper Soup


Food From Home x Chizy Cooks presents Okra Soup and Gari


Food From Home x Chizy Cooks presents Plantain Porridge


Food From Home x Chizy Cooks presents Nigerian Rice and Beans with Chicken

Gari (White) 500g, 1.5kg, 5Kg

Basmati rice

Blackeye Beans (400g)

Green Banana (3 fingers) 1kg

Zomi Palm Oil (500g)

Okra (Okro / Ochro / Ladies' fingers) 500g

Ugu (Ugwu) FROZEN Pumpkin leaves x 200g

Peeled Beans (200g, 500g)

Palm Nut Soup (400g, 800g)

Corn Dough (Windblow Traditional Food) 1Kg

Bell Peppers

Onions (White) 3 pack

Beef (Fresh) x 1kg

Chicken (Whole Fresh) x 1

Tripe (Fresh) x 1kg